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Alternate History/Police Procedural.  A dead woman’s cell phone chip leads to a mystery spanning the U.S. rustbelt, a surviving Roman empire and a North America without Europeans. Available now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or direct from Stairway Press.

An Alternate History. Near future earth temporarily 'Exchanges' pieces of itself with an alternate reality where humans never developed and the large, fierce ice age animals still exist. Status: Available now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Direct from Stairway Press.


Time Travel Can Be Murder

Formerly called 'Char.' An Alternate History/Police Procedural. Finalist in the TruTV Search For the Next Great Crime Writer contest. Status: I'm currently marketing it. The excerpts I posted as part of the contest are available here and here
American Indian Victories
A series of Alternate History essays. Available through Just click on the cover to get to the Amazon page.


Novels & Other Writing

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