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From 2004 until late 2007 I was involved in a bitterly fought court case involving an unrelated couple who mysteriously ended up with nearly a million dollars worth of assets that had previously belonged to an elderly aunt of mine. My aunt sued to get her property back, and won at the circuit court level and the appellate court level.  Recently the Wisconsin Supreme Court refused to hear the case, thus upholding the lower court cases and confirming the lower court rulings that had given my aunt her property back.

I'll be posting additional information on the case as I have time.  The case has been a trying (no pun intended), expensive, and time-consuming ordeal, but as far as we can tell it's over now, and hopefully I have my life back. 

The local newspaper printed an article on the case here, and I posted some of my personal experiences in course of the struggle in an article called David's Voice.

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