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The World War II part of my alternate history section got big enough that it needed a section of it's own. This is it. I defined World War II rather loosely.  The alternate history scenarios listed take place from 1919 through at least 1946.

If you are interested in alternate histories from time periods other than World War II, please feel free to visit my other alternate history page.


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Hitler goes after Moscow in Summer 42 (3 parts)

Turkey Joins the Allies in Sept 1939 (3 parts)
D-Day landing delayed two weeks,  (11/97) Germany decides to go another round in June 1919 (01/98)
Japanese-Soviet border war of 1939: Soviets don't win big (10/97) Soviet/Japanese war in 1934 (12/97)
Poland stops the Blitz (02/98) Turkey Becomes a Battleground In Spring 1941 (07/98)
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